Monday, 20 June 2016

Pages: Diary of a Young Woman


So, it’s been another year (academically speaking of course) of studies, highs, lows, craziness and well...drama! Yes, you heard me or rather read me right, DRAMA. And man, do I need to get a grip on life or what?! But besides all that, I am grateful for all that I have been through and all that I have learnt, life lessons and otherwise. It’s been some year!

Putting all that aside, right now, I’m just going to go on a ranting spree; a good ol’ fashioned tirade that will leave me with a lighter heart.
So I am going to be 21 soon (yayy!) and in a burst of unusual enthusiasm towards anything so happy-happy (also being a person who makes it a point of openly mocking and condescend on such happy-go-lucky things with a look of blatant cynicism), I wrote down a list of things I need to do before I am 21. One of those things included travelling alone for at least a couple of days. But poor old me; in that burst of ardour and zeal, my brain conveniently seemed to forget that I have parents who are Indians (No, I’m not stereotyping all Indian parents, don’t go taking offence on me). My dreams of having adventures and escapades in far off places, as you can imagine, were foiled. And for a person like me, who’s every molecule demands, rebels and exhibits a stubbornness that can be a pain to deal with, did not take that well. So much for big dreams, ehh! I can’t blame my parents, they didn’t stop me because I am a girl, they stopped me because I am still their dependent child. I am sure if my brother displayed such tendencies he will meet with the same answers (or the world might yet get to see WWIII).

Note: It took me some days to reach this stage of acceptance because I had high hopes for the trip happening. But deluded dreams hardly see reality.

But then, as informed to me by my parents, I can make my own money and do whatever I want (to which I sullenly agree makes sense), and that my friend is exactly what I am going to do. Here’s to alleviating frustrations through writing! Cheers!
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