Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lessons Learnt: Of friends and foes

When you have friends who readily "throw you to the wolves" (so to speak), you are perhaps better off with your foes. At least that way you are aware of their real intentions.

And this I honestly say from recent experience(s). Its the little things, when you are together, them not taking any responsibility, them letting you take all the blame, them not standing up for you when it counts, them using you as a stepping stone for their personal gains...the small things that one has learnt to notice, the minute details about the way someone behave with you and around others that tell you about that person.

Oh well, writing this down after going through a particularly disappointing experience is a release, and I apologise for sounding so bitter. But I am, feeling this way right now. Disappointed. Betrayed, perhaps. And sad.

But as it turns out, you chose your happiness. So I refuse to let this affect me. I shall be true to myself and try to do my best, regardless of anyone standing by me, even if it is their duty to do so.

And because of that, I will stand with my head held high and proud.

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