Monday, 27 January 2014


Over the green
Beneath the brown
Sentries and observers
Of years past stand still
Through the flaky wisps of time.
They watch,
Immovable bystanders.
Silent perceivers and beholders
Of the fate of many.
I gaze and I gaze...
I wish and I want
Will ye not tell me
The stories of centuries past ?!

Cruel Hope

Every hope
Foolish heart
Refuses the lesson
And hope...
Hope still wins
O taunting hope
Bribes and beckons.
Yet again...and again.
An end never changing
The delicate dream
Shattered remains.
Lone shoulders
Burdened left alone.
O imprudent heart,
Will ye not learn yet?!
Hope shall spring eternal
But you...O you...
Shall remain defeated.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


20 JANUARY 2014, 20:07
To forgive and forget!
'Tis a blessing indeed!
Only by a true golden heart
Is it honest kindness simply naivety?!

The first line of the poem was inspired by an English teacher of  mine, Mrs.Kiran Agarwal Mam. I was fortunate enough to be taught by her from 8th grade to 10th. I remember she used to keep telling us the same line in class...and it stuck!
So....thank you were an inspiration and a beacon of hope to us!

Friday, 24 January 2014

The Hunt

20 JANUARY 2014, 22:54
Quick...a movement
The leaves quiver
A trail to follow
Glistening eyes of the doe
Eyes that twinkle with mischief and play
The arrow misses
The doe bounds and leaps
The air, a companion faithful.
A bush, red with wet berries,
Rubies in the woods
Provides refuge
Another arrow...
Misses its mark
But injured hind legs
Betray their master's trust
Too late, realization hits
The game for the doe
Turns into desperate survival .
Eyes that glistened
Now cowed in fear and dread
Of a future uncertain.
Mischievous eyes change Acceptance marks there depths
Of no life.
The end grew near
Tendrils of darkness reach out
An arrow aimed, and hit
On its mark
Proud arrow, lifeless doe!
With the last rays of the golden sun
The sadistic hunter claims its prey!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


20 JANUARY 2014, 19:16
A rendezvous
A secret exchanged
Over sweet memories.
Stamping rhythmic feet
Screams and shouts of terror
Shrieks that make the blood run cold death.
The booted feet return
From whence they came forth.
What remains...splattered blood.
With only the moon and trees
As witnesses
And a story to tell.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


20 JANUARY 2014, 18:55
There she lay
Bound forever in an
Eternal embrace with
The maker of her shell
Empty eyes gazing into
Too young- they said
Dreams and hopes
Lie in vain.
All that's left are her
And she lies there still
Even as the seasons change
And the shadows grow longer still.
cemetery headstones at night
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Monday, 20 January 2014


18 DECEMBER 2013, 18:11

Time is cruel
Minutes grow dreary
When the mind is at ease
The more we hasten
The more it crawls
Oh your tyranny!
Your snail torture!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Broken Wineglass

Words of her heart
That shall never leave her lips
She sighs
Her breath a whirl of smoke
Her gaze wanders
Over the expanse of opulence
That surrounded her
Grandeur that did not touch her
She tipped her crystal wineglass
Her lips parted
Hiding the depths of a secret not yet conquered
Now the wineglass rested on the balustrade
The night grew old
And the air cold
Her eyed glazed, Unfathomable,Looking off
To an unattainable future
The music flowed out
The wooden sentries
Laughter and hoped blended
In an eternal symphony of the heart
But she stood alone behind the balustrade
Lost in an ocean of her thoughts
A world of her own
The waning moon lit her hair
Black that almost looked blue
She closed her eyes
With one last look of longing
And a sigh that lacked all hope
With a flick of her hand
The wineglass flew
Where the air blew
And the earth grew
Even as she turned
To face the world
The breaking glass
Hid the sound of a different breaking.

Monday, 13 January 2014

She rose...

With her chin tilted in pride
The arrogance of an upturned nose
The elegance of a swans neck
The dancers fluidity in motion
Elegance and grace combined
Fiery independence
Sparkled like gems in her eyes
Free will an choice
She advocated
Went through life
Mistress of herself
Cherished and looked up to
Loved and betrothed
Married and old
When age caught up with her
Still she retained
That elegance and grace
A beauty time could not steal
And when Death came
To take her away
She rose
To greet Death
With a smile.

Friday, 10 January 2014


01 DECEMBER 2013, 13:23
Seeking a treasure
That forever eludes
My attempts at
Claiming it for my own
Remain unaffected
Fate remained
To my outbursts
Of impatience and wanting
A treasure that forever eludes...

A Hearts Tale

14 DECEMBER 2013, 13:57
Turmoils of the heart
Sent love asunder
Threatened and hurt
By needless thoughts
A wall was raised
A fortress against
Any penetration
And inside in the
Deepest darkest dungeons
A once loved
A once hopeful
A once red heart!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Good or Evil

16 DECEMBER 2013, 00:07
Thorns and roses
Always go together
Without one the other
Never exists
Eternally together
Forever bound
Just like with the good
Comes the evil
Forever parts one
Only a matter of time
Before good turns evil
Or evil turns good
Its not a war
But a matter of mind
For where your mind points
There it leads
And that final position
Justifies your standing!

On that day!

08 JANUARY 2014, 12:42
My writing bled
Ink stained pages
Lay scattered on my desk
Trapped in their cages
The heady words grew restless
The fortunates crawled
Towards the faithful boundaries Steady sentries guarding Treacherous lyrics
Scant remain the dreams in ink
All because on that day
My writing bled.
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