Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Wandering Thought

It's amazing to think that what we say or do defines who we are or rather let me rephrase that, it's amazing what others say or do defines our actions or words....yeah that sums up what i wanted to say!!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Unadorned speculations

Too less practice can be as harmful as too little.

Somewhere inside him, underneath all that pretense he wore, there lay that die-hard optimist....true in himself...yet forever believing.........

Monday, 2 April 2012


Sometimes life just moves on, one second one feels like it is their life they are living and the next it seems as though you are playing some role in someone else's life, a sense of detachment envelopes me at those times, it's like you are not the main character of your lives's someone else.

At first, the feeling isn't that strong but as these occurrences become more and more frequent.the feeling also proceeds into a stronger one.gradually building up into a sense of huge loss,a sense of bereavement, detriment, loss...despondency veils around, its clutches waiting for the right moment to seize its victim...

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thoughts to ponder upon

Beauty reigns supreme
in a world full of
dire misgivings...

Words of power
spoken in haste...
shall but ultimately lead to
one's timely downfall...

Regret not what you did
but what you didn't do...

Love hath no beginning and no ending...

Beautiful Creations

Our lives are interconnected, the greater power had tied all of us with a thread, a thread that makes us meet.......the complexity yet simplicity of it all baffles the observer, standing and observing from a position of humbleness and meekness. One can just look back and wonder at the expanse of it all, leaving us with no words, speechless, silence and silence.

All around us, we see these majestic beacons, beacons of light,hope,happiness and at the same time beacons of purity and humbleness, yet only a few realize it's presence, a few blessed souls, souls who have sacrificed their worldly possessions.

They say that nature is a masterpiece of the greater power. We all have heard of it, but how many of us can pledge that we truly realise the honesty that rings out of these words; most of us remain ignorant......wake up oh ignorant masses....for it is not in ignorance but in competence; not obliviousness but cognizance, that you will see the truth


"I have a dream",Martin Luther King Jr.'s words....simple, yet so beautiful.The words are a chef d'ueuvre in itself. I cannot keep from wondering how many lives grew up with these words or how many were inspired by it.
Just like him, many other leaders have woven this net of landmarks which have not yet ceased to appeal to the mind of the general masses. It is a wonder to think that such words, mere words would cause such a sensation around the globe.
So how exactly does one go about making these inspirational quotes? The answer that jumps up to my mind is that it simply is a spontaneous happening. It may or may not depend on your English skills(in my honest opinion it does not because one can hardly expect great leaders to be good or highly skilled in English or even pay attention to trivialities like grammar for that matter, considering how busy they are).
Or it may simply be a matter of serendipity. And with that i would like to conclude this discussion.
Unfortunately i do not possess this great faculty of serendipity and therefore have no good quotes to leave you with. So it is that you shall receive a plain goodbye and a plain one indeed shall you get. So, goodbye my dearies.
But not for long, since you might expect to hear from me again!
Goodbye and Cheerio!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012



Dear God,

I am confused. Some tell me to pay heed to others while some say that it is fool who ,listens to others.Since. I was young, such morals have always conflicted with each other, pushing me deeper into a conundrum. There are so many morals like them, morals which contradict each other. Ignorance is a bliss while ignorance can also lead you to failure. Which one am I supposed to believe? I realize I may sound childish and even an ignoramus in my demands, but I write this letter with the curiosity of an innocent child and to the veracity of these words I cross my heart .

With love,curiosity,...,
Yours forever,


I told her I was sorry,
And upon her refusal to acknowledge this,
I went to my room,
Silent tears rolled down my cheeks,
Noiselessly and unseeing,
Most were lost on my clothes without
getting their due, while some 
stubborn to get attention stayed where they were,
While a few even wet the  book baring itself in front of me,
As if impudence marked their character,
She came into my room to pick up some clothes,
And sat down on the edge of my bed, and my
did dare to hope, and did
disappoint me, for neither did she turn her back
nor did she see the silent imprudent tears
welling up my eyes again...,
She went and I buried my face in a towel and
gave way to passion; passion for everything and evryone;
passion to be understood; passion to say,
Even though you can't see it;
"How much I love you, Mom!"

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