Thursday, 27 June 2013

'That's such a cliche !"

"Oh, that's such a cliche." Lately that thought has dominated my mind in everything everyone does around me. Seems to me my boring, sloth existence has led me to think about everything around me as exactly that. Cliched!!! That's how much bored I am.
I know what you are thinking. That this girl has no right to say that, and that there are a lot of things she could do to get rid of that so-called boredom. My answer - for me to get rid of it, what I need is a little motivation people! I've been lying around, leading this indolent lifestyle,a lazy existence(I'm telling you lazy does not even come close to describing it), which I might add has resulted in me viewing everything in a detached sort of way, like I am seeing everything from a neutral vantage. But it is this sort of detachment that has turned into a pricking conscience for me. Because of my neutral vantage I can see exactly how much life has lost it's meaning for me albeit it's become pointless. I haven't even written in this blog for almost a month! So today I finally forced myself to pick up a pen and paper and write.
I was completely blank, nothing, zilch, nada...
So I decided to write about the problem and tada...this is what I've come up with - my enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration or it's lack thereof.
But never fear, change is here(hey that rhymes!).
I will from now onwards work deligently if not regularly to make myself find that lost spark in life again. And that is my solemn oath!
Until next time dear readers ( to the meagre 'dear readers' I have)!
Arrivederci !!!
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