Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Tribute

For everyone who has dared to raise their voices and rise against any prevalent unjust systems...

An ubiquitous silence prevails,
Dominating over the voice Of their fears...
An undercurrent of wanting floats
Wanting to be heard
Over the deafening silence,
Ominous silence.
Sole souls who raise their voices
Suffer sufferings for their act of Bravery and justice,
Solidarity is their crime...
Representatives of common yearning
Have paid the price
With their toil, their blood,
With their souls.
A simple "thank you",
Does not suffice
The extent to which we are indebted to you,
Oh! Brave souls!
Heed our wills
Justice will be done
Truth will prevail.
Our voices will be heard
This silence will be forever broken
And be filled with the sounds of Twinkling, tinkling dreams,
The horn of hope,
Your will, will be done!

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