Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sunset Thoughts

The rolling mountains spread out and the sunset between them was a burst of brilliant colours. Mesmerising to look at. The cool wind threw its own occasional and frequent tantrums which made the thundering clouds roll closer. I could sit here forever, I thought, trapped in this moment of time, and be blissfully happy, not wanting anything. I want time to stop, the feeling so strong, that it made me almost choke and then look up quickly and around to see if anyone had noticed.  No one had. Everyone was lost in their own world,  sitting here, just like me to escape from the world for a few moments. We are all heroes of our lives, the main characters, the protagonists. We are all concerned with our lives, our dreams, our hopes, our sadness. But sitting here, sharing this moment with other lonely souls, it didn't feel like it was my life I was living. I wasn't the main character anymore, it didn't matter anymore what I did or thought, it all seemed so mundane, pointless in the bigger picture. I didn't like it, this feeling. It made me feel as though someone took an important part of me or rather my role and told me that its not important, that your actions and thoughts are not everything, that you aren't the main character. And that made me feel sad, because its the truth isn't it?! Even though I hated feeling this way, I couldn't not accept it.

We are all selfish. Its natural. We all have ideals and a certain way of living our lives that we think is right. In the end, does it matter?
Our problems seem so meaningless, but I don't want it to seem that way. Some would say, they are not meaningless, that they matter. Maybe. Maybe not. Right now it seems pointless. Right now, all I am left with is a hope of living a life without regrets, a life of travel, a life of adventure, a life of extremes of emotions, a life of happiness, ..., a full life.

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