Saturday, 31 March 2012

Beautiful Creations

Our lives are interconnected, the greater power had tied all of us with a thread, a thread that makes us meet.......the complexity yet simplicity of it all baffles the observer, standing and observing from a position of humbleness and meekness. One can just look back and wonder at the expanse of it all, leaving us with no words, speechless, silence and silence.

All around us, we see these majestic beacons, beacons of light,hope,happiness and at the same time beacons of purity and humbleness, yet only a few realize it's presence, a few blessed souls, souls who have sacrificed their worldly possessions.

They say that nature is a masterpiece of the greater power. We all have heard of it, but how many of us can pledge that we truly realise the honesty that rings out of these words; most of us remain ignorant......wake up oh ignorant masses....for it is not in ignorance but in competence; not obliviousness but cognizance, that you will see the truth
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