Saturday, 31 March 2012


"I have a dream",Martin Luther King Jr.'s words....simple, yet so beautiful.The words are a chef d'ueuvre in itself. I cannot keep from wondering how many lives grew up with these words or how many were inspired by it.
Just like him, many other leaders have woven this net of landmarks which have not yet ceased to appeal to the mind of the general masses. It is a wonder to think that such words, mere words would cause such a sensation around the globe.
So how exactly does one go about making these inspirational quotes? The answer that jumps up to my mind is that it simply is a spontaneous happening. It may or may not depend on your English skills(in my honest opinion it does not because one can hardly expect great leaders to be good or highly skilled in English or even pay attention to trivialities like grammar for that matter, considering how busy they are).
Or it may simply be a matter of serendipity. And with that i would like to conclude this discussion.
Unfortunately i do not possess this great faculty of serendipity and therefore have no good quotes to leave you with. So it is that you shall receive a plain goodbye and a plain one indeed shall you get. So, goodbye my dearies.
But not for long, since you might expect to hear from me again!
Goodbye and Cheerio!!!
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