Thursday, 18 July 2013

Airport Tales

03 JULY 2013, 03:33 AM

It seems a mundane enough topic. But the thing is journey including an airport can turn out to be incredibly fascinating but much more amusing! One gets to witness a lot of extremely interesting and vivid live action little amusements being formed. Of course thee is that other possibility that you are so bored everything suddenly starts to make you laugh. For example there are the really witty but mostly cheeky guards that on noticing that a foreign tourist doesn't speak English decide to get a little fun out of the situation. This decision is quickly followed by jests of no English?!', "You Chinese", "You German"!!! Much to the amusements of the natives around. Turns out a little harmless teasing goes a long way in the art of amusement.

And then there is the sitting on the plane. Fortunately mine was the aisle seat(for me the perfect seat, the window seat is just suffocating while the middle one, should I say anything more) and all the time I kept praying that please don't let the person sitting next to me be overly fat(no offense to anyone), or one of those persons who have to put their arms on the armrest and things like that. But turns out both the seats next to me were unoccupied....Ah the irony of life!
But the highlight of the journey would have to be the freaky turbulence. Over the many flights I've been on this was the only one had extremely frightening turbulence. At least I succeeded in not having my tea spill all over me.

Not only airports but every journey can make for a good story. Of course there is that little thing called 'paying attention'.

Signing out,
With hope for more future great tales,

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