Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Current Life-status

28 JULY 2013, 06:31 PM

Lately life seems too uncomplicated for me. Whatever anyone does doesn't surprise me anymore, it's like I am a spectator, not one of the actors, nor one of the helpers, just a spectator who looks on with an unstudied nonchalance , uninterested if not slightly amused and someone who has ceased to be surprised a long time ago. I feel like a mere onlooker over a balcony, a balcony that has ceased to provide amusements but over which I look because there is nothing else to do, because there is no other choice. I am like a statue, cold and unfeeling, emotions do not affect me now, and when I see others speaking about their feelings, it disgusts me.

But then I also believe that emotions are not meant to be spoken about, they are supposed to be felt, not put into words. And when people do that, that is, put feelings into words, it successfully if not completely destroys the magical effect it is supposed to have. And that I believe is why I feel not a part of this life. All around I see people doing just that, in consequence making me expect nothing outwardly but the same instance again and again. Consequently i have desisted to expect otherwise. Some things in life are better left unspoken. Precious memories, emotions, moments of stolen pleasure or instances of serendipity,are better left locked in that private place in our minds. Lost to the world but forever cherished . A private joy, a secret pleasure!

Nothing, no ploy can be more successful in destroying the worth of an experience than trying to put it into tedious words.

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