Friday, 8 November 2013

The Fall...

01 NOVEMBER 2013, 22:20

What did it know, you couldn't blame him, he was after all a victim of circumstances, circumstances beyond his control, circumstances that were beyond his power considering the nature of it's being.

The man had rudely, and impulsively, he thought, thrown him from the rooftop of a twenty one storey building. He was just out new and he hadn't seen much of the world. So...why not?!, he thought, why not look at the world during his fall. The top couple of storeys flew by quickly due to his shock at being thrown off of a building. It was finally when some bird flew by that he started noticing things around him. There was a woman in one of the windows he passed screaming some very choice words on the the looks of it, it looked like a classic case of a woman scorned. He only felt sorry for the guy at the other end...after all they do say,"hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The next window left open somewhere in the middle of the building complex showed two children watching cartoons...Ah! I've heard of Barney!, he thought. A man in a suit was watching something that showed some very serious looking people wearing suits discussing numbers?! Hmm....there's a thought, why do people discuss numbers?, he spoke aloud. A teenage girl talking on the phone, a man watching a game, a woman cooking were some other sights that came into his view.
But his thoughts were too preoccupied with the fact that the ground was looming nearer and nearer. Oh dear!! I hope this doesn't hurt, he thought. He finally hit the ground with an audible clink and rolled to a stop at the edge of a pavement. A guy with a goatee, carrying a guitar picked him up almost immediately. Oh well, he thought, that's that then! Another adventure then...After all today was just another chapter in his life as a penny!

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