Friday, 24 January 2014

The Hunt

20 JANUARY 2014, 22:54
Quick...a movement
The leaves quiver
A trail to follow
Glistening eyes of the doe
Eyes that twinkle with mischief and play
The arrow misses
The doe bounds and leaps
The air, a companion faithful.
A bush, red with wet berries,
Rubies in the woods
Provides refuge
Another arrow...
Misses its mark
But injured hind legs
Betray their master's trust
Too late, realization hits
The game for the doe
Turns into desperate survival .
Eyes that glistened
Now cowed in fear and dread
Of a future uncertain.
Mischievous eyes change Acceptance marks there depths
Of no life.
The end grew near
Tendrils of darkness reach out
An arrow aimed, and hit
On its mark
Proud arrow, lifeless doe!
With the last rays of the golden sun
The sadistic hunter claims its prey!

Image Courtesy-Click Here!
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