Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Broken Wineglass

Words of her heart
That shall never leave her lips
She sighs
Her breath a whirl of smoke
Her gaze wanders
Over the expanse of opulence
That surrounded her
Grandeur that did not touch her
She tipped her crystal wineglass
Her lips parted
Hiding the depths of a secret not yet conquered
Now the wineglass rested on the balustrade
The night grew old
And the air cold
Her eyed glazed, Unfathomable,Looking off
To an unattainable future
The music flowed out
The wooden sentries
Laughter and hoped blended
In an eternal symphony of the heart
But she stood alone behind the balustrade
Lost in an ocean of her thoughts
A world of her own
The waning moon lit her hair
Black that almost looked blue
She closed her eyes
With one last look of longing
And a sigh that lacked all hope
With a flick of her hand
The wineglass flew
Where the air blew
And the earth grew
Even as she turned
To face the world
The breaking glass
Hid the sound of a different breaking.
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