Thursday, 13 March 2014



The scar on the back of my hand stood out stark white in contrast to the rest of my tanned skin. Over the years many had asked me about the reason for it's presence, especially my girlfriends whose insistence on knowing it had ended many a relationships. And I had kept mum. Why you ask me? That day was very special to me...unforgettable,irreversible.
But now I believe the time has come for me to reveal this secret.
I was six going on seven when it happened. We were all, meaning me , my next door kids who happened to be twins, James and Katherine out playing. In the middle i realized Katy had somehow managed to climb on to the roof. On further examination I discovered the plank Katy had used to climb up. But that's when things started going downhill. Katy started crying saying she couldn't climb down. I, wanting to prove myself and my ahem! manhood, decided to climb up to showcase my bravado and cajole and console her into coming down. But alas, fate had other plans for me! My foot slipped on the way up and the next thing I felt was an unbearable pain in my ankle and the back of my hand. Finally daring to open my eyes, I see a hand with a broken glass shard sticking out of it and bleeding profusely. Of course then i had to be bundled up and taken to a hospital. A couple of tetanus shots, the diagnosis of a broken ankle and a couple of hours at the hospital later, I was sitting comfortably on my bed, the willing victim of pampering.
It was there that Katy  and James came to visit me. James left after playing around with my train set but Katy stayed back. She just stood near my bed silently staring. Finally, she came close to me, whispered a 'thank you', kissed me quickly on the lips and ran away. And that is the story of my scar. That was my first kiss, a moment I'll never forget. Something I cherished too much to share...

What became of it? Nothing... We never talked about it.
Years passed... Now she lives there with a loving husband and a daughter in married bliss.

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