Friday, 21 March 2014

A-Z Theme Reveal

And it has started. The A-z Theme Reveal!

You are full of unshaped dreams

You are laden with beginnings
LOLA RIDGE, "Wind in the Alleys"

This is how I feel. Unshaped, almost palpable stories and ideas waltz and promenade in my head to the beat of my heart. They whirl and tease just out of grasp. Their depths holding tantalizing secrets to behold and ponder upon. Each twirl of smoke titillate,charm, frustrate and pesters inching to tell a story of their own making. This is how my head feels-a jumbled and noisy chaos of stories wanting to burst out of it's confinement.
And so I have decided to give an avenue for them to parade out to and tell the world their own unique stories.
My theme for this months A-Z Blogging are short fiction works, they can be stories, descriptions, a journal entry from an individual's point of you or a portrait of someone.
I sincerely hope these stories would succeed in their endeavor to entertain one and all. Every day is a new story!
Suggestions and feedback shall always be welcome!
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