Sunday, 11 May 2014


The fever had piked up again. It always did, this time around the night. It was the characteristic of typhoid fever. The fever tended to burn a moment and go down the next around the same time for almost a week. My time was around 8 in the evening. But it had been going on for about two weeks now with no sign of subsiding.
My mother had fetched me back from my boarding school that day, and since the two hour ride back, I had been resting. Now she came with a jug of cold water in one of  her hands and strips of clothing in the other. She gently put the jug beside the bed, lifted a strip of cloth, wet it and laid it over my head.
By this time I was shivering quite visibly. It was only October, I was covered with a duvet and still shivered. The digital thermometer seemed stuck on 104* C.
Gradually, the fatigue of the journey caught up with me and I dozed off.
Two hours later, when I opened my eyes again, she was still there, one hand clutching the jug of water and the other resting on the wet cloth on my forehead.

Happy Mother's Day Ma! 
Even though chances are you'll never see this, I want you to know, I love you. 
Despite of all the childish fights and screaming sessions we have, I love you. 
Whenever I get scared or even when I am nervous, before an exam, an interview or anything inconsequential, I still call you, every single time! Because I know you are always there for me, you are this constant lighthouse in the churning seas of my perpetual light and strength.
I love you, Ma!
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