Friday, 2 May 2014


They danced and they twirled
On petals that curled
Blithesome and lighthearted
Ludic souls of nature
Fluttering unaware
Their wings of flight
In another world
Brew rising storms.

When I was young, perhaps in 4th or 5th grade, I remember writing poems on butterflies and eagerly waiting to show them to my father. After those couple of years, I never wrote any poems, high school promised to be more exciting. And it was during these years that I came to learn, again through my father, that as beautiful as their wings can be, they can bring about death and destruction too. A butterflies wings fluttering in one part of the world can bring about a storm/tornado in another part of the world.
Over the years my father reminded me about the poems I used to write. And it is only now that I have finally taken up my pen to write one on Butterflies again.
So...this is for you Papa!
Pic Courtesy(Click Here!!!)

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