Friday, 24 May 2013


One depressing, despondent day in class, when I was feeling particularly down and feeling like the world is a big black burgeoning dark pit, a janitor of sorts entered the class to clean the blackboards.
I was sitting at my desk seeking solace outside the windows when a noise alerted was the janitor. He had apparently noticed that my eyes were glazed over with faltering tears and well, I must have looked particularly forlorn. With a quick motion of his head he asked whether I was okay or not. Flustered and quickly brought out of my reverie I smiled and showed him a thumbs-up! A lie but...

And at that moment a realization struck me, quite profoundly if I might add, here I was feeling dejected in a class full of friends but the only one who noticed was a man I had never seen before.

Sometimes life teaches us that a person millions of miles away can feel you when even your near and dear ones cant...!
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