Monday, 20 May 2013

Have you ever given a thought?

Have you ever given a thought to as to what the world would be like without its faults, it's wrongs, it's embellishments?
Imagine a world without sadness,unhappiness,despondency...indeed a dream come true for almost all of us. But I cannot help but wonder as to the nature of such a world, I am inclined to think that the world would cease to be exciting, but rather incline towards being menial, in fact boring.
I mean after knowing the hardships,challenges and the lessons that the world has of feed us we would feel positively bored, have no expectations whatsoever of anything different happening the next day. These thoughts have been revolving in my head for quite a few days now and well... I just wanted to get it out to the world and know their opinions too.
What I ended up perceiving was this- without all these hardships, sorrows and lessons that we learn in everyday life, life would cease to have any real meaning, it would end up to be rather a dull world with nothing to look forward too.
And that is just my opinion...what do you all think?

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