Monday, 20 May 2013


It's this feeling inside of you, a question, a statement, a remark that seems to be eating away a part of you, deep inside of you. An innocent remark or even a naive question can provoke it.The feeling persists even though you try to get rid of it, it's still you sleepless nights, making you livid at times and at times making you cry.
Your mind questions you, expecting an answer and when you dont, it slowly changes it's calm demeanor to that of a beast clawinf you, eating you from the inside, harshly putting forward your fears.
It starts out as an itch, a stubborn one and gradually, slowly, persistently grows into  a deadly disease, threatening even to kill.
What is the cure? Can anyone tell me....? Or will my question remain forever unanswered....a desperate call for help not payed heed to....
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