Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Darkness Calls

Echoed screams dance,symphony of insanity and death.
Darkness smirks, entices even
Tentacles reaching out,beckoning Cimmerian gloom,
A sin to inveigle,its solitary desideratum
An ostentatious facade allures to corrupt the uncorrupt,
The unsullied,the unblemished and the untainted.
Virginal souls who fail to discern,
A veiled beneath.

This was written for Angela's Visdare Prompt-
Originally I was going to write a story on this picture. It was going to be an old, dilapidated and unoccupied mental asylum haunted by the ghosts of its past residents, where the walls still screamed and told the stories it had been made a witness to of. But as soon as I wrote the first line 'Echoed screams...', it presented itself as a poem. So here is the result! It's a little short, but its what I wanted. So...please leave your comments and suggestions! Thank you, appreciate it!

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