Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Knitting....yes knitting helped, helped you keep sane. sound you somehow found soothing. Knitting helped you remember while at the same time keeping a hold on you. You sat there alone, in the theatre, the theatre you were once a part of, a theatre you had grown, a theatre where you learnt passion,joy and to hope. You still remembered the backstage nervous mêlée, the apprehension, the feeling of discovering something new again and again. And as you knitted, you relived it all again. Then when its your turn, you soar, you fly, you dance to a symphony of the heart, pirouttes, fouttes, jets, you relive it all. The exhilaration, the excitement and the feeling of achievement. relive it all, knitting, sitting their all alone in the theatre, with that wild spark in your eyes. The spark of control barely there, the spark of owning and losing, the spark of insanity glimmering slowly into life. The spark that says you are broken.

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