Friday, 7 February 2014

Wednesday Prompt-Write Tribe

Finally the man had put the trash bag inside. I had been waiting a long time. Tonight he had been late, probably because of the party they had been hosting. The happy, soulful sounds emanating out of the house during dinner had me yearning for more during that time. to begin! Slowly I felt inside. It was hard, for someone in my position to do so, but years of practice had perfected it. I had made it a game,if only to relieve myself of my bored, bland and monotonic lifestyle. The game was to guess what they had for breakfast and dinner. Lunch was excluded considering they ate it mostly outside. A little squirming around....stretching... a little more. Yes. I can make it out now. Slowly I tried to put all the different prices together, to get a complete picture of their meals. Just have to put it together. A picture starts its distinct assembling in my mind. Like a jigsaw puzzle,I muse. The thought both amused and fascinated me. A milk carton, some greasy beef remains, a cereal carton, traces of buttered bread slices- hmm....their breakfast. Oh....wait! A juice carton too. Well someone in the house ate healthily while someone else didn't give a fig as to what they ate. Ah... dinner...this is it- grilled chicken, a meagre amount of sausages, salad, some sauce....pasta??! Lasagne?! Difficult. That's all?!!! Oh well...must have refrigerated the rest!
I suppose that's all for today, ignoring some of the other junk.
Can't wait for tomorrow. Another game. Something else to look forward to.
You ask me I don't have anything else to do?!, I don't! After all I am a trash can!

This was written for the following prompt from the write tribe-
“life is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to see the whole picture, then put it together piece by piece!”
― Terry McMillan, A Day Late and a Dollar Short

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