Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z...(A-Z Blogging )

Well folks, this is it! The final day of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
What can I say? It was indeed a challenge. There were times when I almost, but not quite, gave serious thought to giving up. But now that it's the last day, I'm glad I held on. 
Cheers to everyone who took part in it and a "THANK YOU", shout out to the A-Z Team.

The last story...

My head was killing me. It felt like needles were trying to poke out through my head. I had been working on the case for the past one week without making any headway on it. None of the leads we had lead to anything plausible. We had checked them and rechecked them again, but to no avail. I reached inside my desk drawer and pulled out two aspirins from the bottle there. Working in the police force had perhaps had a role in making me an aspirin addict, but I also believed that they contributed a lot to my high success rate at solving cases. But not for long if this keeps on, the though entered my mind unbidden. I let out a long sigh. There were several bank robberies that had been plotted successfully all over the nation. They were all thought to be connected, considering the way they had been extensively planned and carried out left no doubts in mind regarding this. But no real leads on any one of them.
The phone on my table rang, it's shrill cry splitting the silence in my private office. "Detective Lassiter Sir,, Detective Jacobs speaking,we've had a robbery in A_ _ _ _ Bank downtown. The workforce is already here."
"I am there", I put the phone down and hurried out. By the time I reached there the place was crawling with the police and the public, even though it was past eight thirty in the night. An officer quickly came up and started briefing me up with details. I didn't listen. I knew it would be the same signs of forced entry, an empty bank vault, no details on the camera, the security alarm disabled, the bumped up guard tied up and having no clue how he got there and millions of dollars worth of money missing with no clues as to there whereabouts.  Another officer came running up clutching a forensic plastic bag and handed it to me.
It contained a note.
It said-
Until next time Detective Lassiter.
Well...that was one clue!

Congratulations everyone! We did it!
Until next year everyone...
Keep dreaming.
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