Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Modern Lovestory

Once upon a time (well..actually now!), there was a boy and a girl. Yes, yes we all know where this is heading. The boy started liking the girl (I know, clich├ęd!) or it the other way round?! It was the girl that started liking the boy..., it hardly matters anyway. For days they teased and played around what was obviously becoming more than just friendship. Oh, and the constant teasing of their friends and their insistence on being ‘just friends’, just made it so not obvious! Pretty soon, texts were exchanged, and so were furtive glances. Innocently chatted texts extended late into the night, leaving both the concerned parties bleary eyed, but filled with excitement and anticipation of another night yet to come. And so on and so know the usual! Well, simply in the interest of the vast patience of the audience, I shall put forth the unexpected climax to the little story (not!).
One fine day, the boy woke up with eyes that shone of love never ending, a fist of determination in his heart, a crazy light in his eye and of course his heart in his throat...uhh...I mean his heart in his hands and lifted his phone. And the proposal followed. Unexpected right?! On the other end of this signal that transferred from the phone we have the girl, who promptly opened the text. This action was followed by a lot of excited squeals, giggles from somehow more than one girl?!! A quick emergency discussion, a lot of shushing and whispering later, four girls sat down to type...’Yes’.
And now...? Oh they are living a life of bliss, or so I've been told. We unfortunately, live in a place where talking late into the night over the phone is considered dating. Meeting face to face? Oh that’s just so....overrated!  God forbid they meet! Horrors!! What would they say to each other?! But of course talking over the phone is way easier.
And then my friends, they lived happily ever after (well presently they are, that is until their parents find out or ahem...other such forces of nature!).
The above story was written simply for entertainment purposes and not intended to cause harm or offense to anyone. The characters in the story are purely fictional and not based on any real life character (Well...basically it’s the story of the Indian youth, so...<no comments>). Any offense caused is severely regretted.

*The story was written on the request of a friend. Well, the friend actually asked me to write a love story but I find myself incapable of writing about love without being cynical or sarcastic. So, dear audience (or the lack thereof!) and friend, you will have to make do with this. Cheers!

Also, it behooves me to mention that yes... I broke my New Year resolution of writing my blog at least two times a week on the very first week of this year. Part of it was my fault, while the other part I honestly do blame my hectic schedule and some personal issues for that. Anyhow, it’s another one of my lessons learnt! Prioritize and manage! I can’t completely not take the blame either (Confusing sentence right!).  Anyhow, hope springs eternal, so I shall persevere in my endurance to stick to my already broken new year’s resolution.

Having said that, it's the season of love everyone. For all those couples out there, have the best time of your life you all! And if you are single like me, well folks, there's always next year! I'm kidding! We need single people in this world, or imagine how boring it would be. You guys rock!

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