Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Valentine's Day Hope

It hurt too much to think about it. Why is it so upsetting? Why do I let it affect me so much? The questions were a storm in my head, a turmoil of thoughts, possibilities and hopes. It's Valentine's Day. And this is how I feel when my crush hasn't wished me today. It's almost noon now...and he hasn't texted me once. I refuse to text him first on principle. It would make me seem desperate. So I won't. I know it's silly, but I refuse to budge. So all I'm left with is stalking his "last seen" and checking his "status" every now and then. Oh...his last seen was two minutes ago! Okay I have to stop acting like this-a silly, lovesick schoolgirl. I refuse to be stereotyped as one of "those girls". I have work to do anyway, important work, which I should be getting back to.

Ten Minutes later...
Maybe I should text him. He's probably busy with something important. "Ugghhhh....”, I feel so frustrated. He's online too! You know what; I refuse to be so affected because of a guy. He probably thinks he's all Mr. Cool anyway. The jerk! 
Where was I now...yes...I have mails to send!

Thirty Minutes later...
I open my whatsapp, check his 'last seen', close my whatsapp and slam my phone down in frustration. Then I proceed to wince and check my phone for damages. "Phew...", none thankfully.
I have to stop acting like such a pathetic love-sick puppy. When did I become like this? Unbelievable...! Buck up girl! You don't need someone like this.

Three Minutes later...
My phone buzzes. My hand automatically reached for it and opens it. "Ahhhhhhh....", okay it's him! Two messages! Wait...don't open the message, I don't want to seem too eager or desperate. Okay...calm down! Let him see you online for a while; let him think that he is not the priority in your life. That should show him. Hah!
Okay, open it now.
"Happy Valentine's Day"
Oh my God!!! He is so sweet. A wide grin breaks out over my face and my hand become jelly in an effort to type out a reply. My heart is all warm and fuzzy, just because of a simple text. In some corner of my mind, a very distant, remote corner, I realize how stupid I'm being. But you see..."the heart wants what it wants". And life is all happy, glittery and full of fairy-tale happy endings again!

Author's note:
I personally find the whole episode funny. It's my tribute for Valentine's Day. 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May you find love everlasting!

But on a more serious note, this is what actually happens when a girl has a serious (sorta!) crush. Okay maybe not for all, but this is exactly how I would behave. And yes, girls can be very silly and stupid when it comes to serious crushes (I'm not stereotyping people, exceptions are always there. This is at least how I would behave!).  For my part, I know I can be pretty stupid when it comes to crushes (Don't ask me, I'll never bother telling!). I honestly cannot help it!
So that's one page filled!

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