Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Pages: Diary of a Young Woman

Page 1:
The idea had been swirling in mind for quite some time now. I sit here now, to pen down(or rather type down!) this young seed, listening to beautiful duet between the piano and the violin of Chopin's Ave Maria.

I'd like to think that life has been good to me. The thought scares me, is there worse to come? I've been blessed in all that I have, wonderful and loving parents, a cool brother, and people I can call friends. Don't get me wrong! I'm not writing this after passing a particularly happy day of my life, in-fact, it makes me proud to say that I can still write this even while going through some of the worst days of my life. I do have a ton of worries to stress about, just like everyone else; I am after all still a nineteen year old girl trying to decipher life and her purpose in life. Okay, that just made me sound too...philosophical?...old?...a bumptious, overbearing, officious person who thinks too much and uses extravagant words and phrases to describe something mundane?

Oh well! We are humans, and that fact accords us the benefit of freedom of thought. There's nothing I can do about it!(Freedom of Speech, Thought, Opinions- Kudos to you if you support it! I already like you!)*Freedom of the Mind*

Just like everyone else, I think of myself (to each his own folks, you are the hero of your life) as the protagonist of my life. Maybe an oddball protagonist, born some years ahead of her time. I live in India, and having such open views on controversial and ignored topics like, rights of women(Yes, I am a feminist!), religion, marriage and authority, I assure you, based on personal experience can be a demotivating and harrowing experience. I have started to lose faith in humanity. “Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!”Leonardo Da Vinci. But, hope springs eternal (story of my life!).

Alright, what I'm all about-

I love reading and writing!
Principles, honor, chivalry, gallantry...stand in high regard in front of me.
I am a feminist! (Women's Rights!!! And I refuse to be ashamed or be labelled stereotypes because of my beliefs.) Hater's keep on hating (Maybe I should write a disclaimer?!)
I believe in God, just not in religion.( Do I need a Disclaimer?!) If anyone wants to debate, you are always free to contact me. 
I have strong political and moral views.(Anyone up for a debate?)
My outlook on socially unacceptable topics is controversial, and definitely shouldn't belong to a woman (so I've been told!).
I love dark chocolate and pizzas (Random! I know.)
There's a reason why I don't like watching tragic movies. 
I might...could...maybe...be a hopeless romantic!(I shall never admit that again!)

And the list goes on...

In a nutshell, I'm just like you, or your friend or your enemy, a human! I have feelings just like you do, some likes and dislikes, just like you, but maybe not the same, but that's because we are two different individuals.

So that summarizes it!
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Pages: Diary of a Young Woman is a chronicle of the thoughts, experiences, changes, insecurities, emotions and life of a typical young girl on the verge of adulthood living in India. What affects her, how it affects her, what she goes through from the perspective of a young woman coming to know life (Yep, that's me folks!).

Coming to the end, and the highlight of this long narrative.

These pages mean a lot to me, form essentially a part of my thoughts; it’s a part of being who I am. In these pages, I hope to find meaning and make sense of the turmoil I live amidst at the same time. And to help someone, perhaps in my own my little way, bring changes in their lives, influence them in some of the millions of little ways possible. To make a little difference in someone's life!
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