Tuesday, 8 April 2014


The stars are the gatekeepers of the Night, so the myth goes.
Once upon a time, a long time ago, day and night existed together, brothers in a world of tranquility, repose and magic. It was a time when twilight ruled, with Serenity it's queen.
But the Night grew greedy, and his desire spread, until finally he enveloped the world in complete darkness. For seven complete rotations of the world, nothing but darkness remained.
Day finally thundered, he roared and he talked, all to no avail. Finally in a fit of righteous anger he banished the night. But he was wise too, he knew night cannot exist without day just like day cannot exist without night. So he banished the night only for around 12 hours, not completely but enough. And he gave himself the same amount of time, not completely but enough.
And then he created Stars, little bodies of light, sentries of the Night. For Day was no fool, he knew Night's greed would grow again. The little sentries spread out all over at dark to prevent a repeat of what happened a long long time ago. So they stand there still, silent guardians that watch over the Night.

It's just a myth I made up!
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Stay dreaming...

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