Friday, 11 April 2014


Jane was a good girl.
She was an average student in school.Everywhere she went, she went unnoticed. She was bullied and she was teased, but she took it all in stride. She took part in the school play, but again she was overlooked and forgotten After all, who would notice a tree in the background.
She got into a state university, just like a million of others. Unperceived, she spent her four years in college lost in dreams of if's and could be's. She won the post of a history teacher in middle school. Yet again, she grew noticed by her immediate students alone. She lived in a two-bedroom house beside the road, beneath the oak. There she grew old and there she took her last breaths. At her funeral, the preacher had nothing much to say, so they proceeded to lower the body quickly. The small handful of the elderly who attended murmured in silence to each other,"Jane was a good girl."

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