Thursday, 17 April 2014


17 APRIL 2014, 18:14
Meera lived with her joint family which consisted of her parents, an older brother and scores of uncles and aunts with their families. Their house was a cluster of mud houses spread among the dusty plateau in a remote village. It was a village where technology had yet to spread its shady reach to.
But darkness struck the life of the bright girl, blowing out the brightness that shone inside her. One of Meera's uncle came home too drunk. No one was around. Everyone had gone to the temple to pray for the oncoming harvest celebrations. She had been left behind to take care of the one year old and look after the house. The uncle too drunk to heed to inhibitions call didn't hesitate. In a matter of seconds Meera felt strong hands clawing at her clothes. She fought, and clawed her way out. Her nails touched skin and she tore madly, caught in a frenzy to escape. The uncle fought back. But he was too drunk and she escaped. With her clothes torn and hand prints showing on her skin, she ran out of the house. Sobbing, she saw her family returning. Relief flooded her heart. With sobs racking her body she fell at their feet. Her uncle had managed to follow her out of the house. Her family saw what happened. She reached out for her mother, only to be pushed away by her. Her brother looked away with disgust and her father turned away his face.
Her own family disowned her.
She finally realised... She was now an outcast.

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