Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Steps...Elixir for Eternal Youth (A-Z Challenge)

My theme for my first ever A-Z Blogging Challenge is fiction pieces. They are bit amateurish but I hope to get better! I hope you enjoy. Happy Reading...

Fear no more ladies and gentlemen!
Afraid you are getting too old too fast, found a grey hair or a wrinkle? Well...look no further you have got your answer right here.
We bring to you an article by the noted witch and innovator of the century Ms.Regalia Regulus taken from the infamous magazine Witches,Warlocks and Broomsticks, a magic potion that's going to leave your beauty and charm spring forth eternally from the fountain of youth.
And it's very simple, all you have to do is follow the very short instructions.

Elixir to Eternal Youth
                                     -Regalia Regulus
Ingredients: A standard cauldron used for making potions, water from the fountain of springs, one pair of bat's wings, a goblin's ear,a pinch of fairy dust, 2 hair from a dead werewolf, 1 fang of a vampire, 1 eyeball of the Kraken and 3 nails of the pepper-necked Hungarian dragon.

Step1: Put the cauldron on the fire and fill it 3/4th with the water from the springs. 
step2: Heat until it boils and then proceed to add the pair of bat wings and the goblin's air.
Step3: Wait until the steam turns purple in color and spews forth a foul odor and then add the            pinch of fairy dust and stand back a safe distance.
Step4: Don't worry about the explosion that will take place a short moment after you add the            fairy dust(it's normal!). After the explosion add the hairs from the werewolf and the                fang of the vampire.
Step5: Heed to patience until the color turns an unnatural color of brown to add the eyeball                and the nails.
Step6: Expect the potion to turn an unhealthy and sickly yellow, then pour exactly 579 ml of            it into a glass and drink for eternal youth.

Let your imaginations soar...
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