Monday, 28 April 2014

XOXO...(A-Z Blogging Challenge)

My theme for this months A-Z Blogging are short fiction works, they can be stories, descriptions, a journal entry from an individual's point of you or a portrait of someone.
I sincerely hope these stories would succeed in their endeavor to entertain one and all. 

The following series of letters/notes were found tucked inside the journal of Ms.Ellie Jacobson, a murder and abduction victim by the investigating team and is found to be the reason for the same.
Letter 1:
Dearest Ellie,
You don't know me, but I am always there. I have watched you day and night. Don't worry you'll know me soon enough. I'll be waiting for you to notice me.
P.S:Did you like the little presents that I have been sending you?

Letter 2:
Dearest Ellie,
How are you today? I watched you yesterday night as you went out with your girlfriends.Don't you think you were a little late coming back. Next time, don't be late.
Anyway, you haven't noticed me till now. I have a little present waiting for you.

Letter 3:
Dearest Ellie,
Didn't you like the flowers I sent you? I found the roses in your trash. Why were they there, Ellie? why? What you did was wrong, and you know right?! That wrongdoers must be punished.

Letter 4:
Dearest Ellie,
See...I told you that you'll be punished. All right I admit, maybe hanging your cat's body over your bed was a little extreme, but I had to show you...that I didn't like you throwing away my flowers, you had to be punished. So, why did you call the cops?
Maybe it's time we finally meet Ellie.

At this stage, at her request , Ms.Ellie Jacobson was provided with police protection at night, when she was home after work.
The last letter was dated _/04_20_ _,. Ms.Jacobson was abducted 24 hours after this letter. It is believed that the abduction took place while she was returning from work.Her body was found 6 days later in a ditch beside the highway with signs of extreme torture. The reason of death was certified to be excessive blood loss and failure of certain organs.

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Every day is a new story.
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