Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kaleidoscope- Life

12 APRIL 2014, 12:34
A set of three different situations... each showing different emotions. It makes me think of a kaleidoscope.

Marylyn had had a wonderful day...from the midnight birthday her friends had planned, the huge birthday cake her parents had ordered to her secret crush finally asking her out. Life couldn't have been more perfect.. she thought. Right now, she was out on a date with a boy of her dreams. Sweet sixteen indeed. She flipped her straight blond hair over her shoulders and smiled at her date.

The day had been grim and miserable. Jake couldn't even think clearly. In the funeral today, he had to stop himself from crawling into the grave and stay there forever buried with his wife. Why? The question raged and rose in his mind. The death had been quick, the doctors said, the snapping of the neck because if the force of the truck hitting the car had assured that. What if he had....if he hadn't... the questions were endless and they poured forth with no answers forthcoming. The digital clock on the table said 8:30 and he finally realised, he was completely and utterly broken...

This is useless, thought Johann. There is absolutely nothing to do. Lying on the sofa he could see the dust motes dancing and twirling in the sunlight. A million scattered thoughts, the expression ran unbidden through his mind. He let out a groan and sighed, I am bored!

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