Wednesday, 16 April 2014


15 APRIL 2014, 18:08
Its when the creatures of the dark come crawling out. Its the time when decent folk go inside and shutter there doors and windows and sleep peacefully enclosed in their closed homes. Its the time when only very brave and foolish men go out to search the secrets of night. Only a few come back though, with haunting stories of death and madness.
There is one legend that has been going around for centuries, gaining its own layers of truth and falsehood. There is a beautiful lady that stands beneath a certain beautiful flowering tree on certain moonless nights waiting for unsuspecting travellers. She waits there and then entices them with her siren voice and charming looks. And when they are near enough, she changes...a terrifying beast, with hair that flows out behind her, nails that seem endless dripping with the blood of its last victim, protruding teeth yellowed and bloodied over countless centuries of use, decayed skin and bulging eyes. There the travellers remain stuck, unable to move. A very very few escape and live to tell the stories. So if you ever go out at night, beware or the creatures of the night!

This was a myth/story that I was told by father. On my insistence he used to make up many stories about innocent passerby returning from some temple functions(like Kathakalli). Many of my nights during my childhood were spent on various stories revolving around this mysterious beast. Although there were many points I missed out on, like she attacks only men(something I am sure accounted for many a sleepless nights for my twin brother and for me as an endless source of amusement by scaring the wits out of my twin), any article of iron like a pocket knife,etc suffices to scare her away(although the reason for this particular aversion is not known) and she only stands beneath the flowering tree(called paala maram in Malayalam) on Fridays. Oh, and she also has a name, Ekshi(Malayalam).
Suffice it to say I found this as an effective way of torturing my twin by scaring him at night, making up stories, pretending or making weird noises(yes I know immature, but I was young too, besides it was fun!).

I hope you enjoyed reading.
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