Saturday, 19 April 2014


19 APRIL 2014, 22:13
"God...Kitna time hogaya yaar, its been so long, this queue isn't moving forward!", I muttered under my breath as I stood in the queue for train tickets. This is what happened when you have a three day power cut and the invertor decided to give out. No net for two days...hell indeed! I gave a wistful sigh as I looked longingly at the ice cream vendor on the opposite side of the street and then turned to focus on the queue instead. There were three people ahead of me. At position no.1 was a wrinkly old man,supporting himself with a worn out stick. He was hunched so low that he wouldn't have made it past my waist. He was shouting into the talking hole in the glass and repeating everything twice. I wondered about his story. Why was he here alone? What about his children? Where does he want to go?
The heat was overwhelming . Flies buzzed over the open food stalls. The constant hum of the crowd lulled me into a static boredom. I let out a yawn and resumed my observations.
At position no.2 was young man,probably in his college. He apparently was going for the cool look with his jeans literally a pull away from falling, a tight shirt to show off his muscled body and wearing earphones through which even I could hear the rock music blaring through. I sighed again, the state of these youngsters these days!
At no.3 was a middle aged woman carrying a baby on her hips. She looked distracted as she spoke into the glass. "Dilli tak ki ticket chahiye bhaiji, I need a ticket to Delhi brother." Crease lines marked her forehead. The baby started crying. I wonder if she's okay? Should I ask her?
"Next please", the sharp voice called my attention. And I lost my window of opportunity.
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