Thursday, 24 April 2014

Unsung Heroes (A-Z Blogging)

Living on the streets of Chandni Chowk in Delhi was a new journey of discovery everyday. Life never stopped and things were always in motion. Everyday brought something new to look and wonder at.
 So many colors, aromas and people from different cultural backgrounds provided something to look forward to everyday for 9 year old Geeta. Her days were spent roaming and exploring these streets. Her nights were spent curled up inside a thin, worn out blanket with holes with a bunch of other young ones on the side pavements. Food for these souls was an uncertain subject. There were days with one whole meal and there were days with nothing to eat.
On most days Geeta and her friends managed some scraps from the food galis(streets) there. But today was one of her bad days. She hadn't eaten anything since yesterday evening and the sun today was already setting.
Aromas of chaats, dahi wadas, puri sabji's arrested her nose and made her stomach growl. She was very hungry.
She walked along despondently, her shoulders drooping and her eyes staring at the ground. Perhaps that's why she per chanced upon that twenty rupee note. Her grubby hands eagerly reached out to grab it. Clutching it she immediately ran to the nearest shop and ordered puri bhajji. Her hands carried the plastic plate containing 2 puris and some bhaji down to a forlorn color.
"Didi please..", a quiet voice stopped her. "Do din se kuch khaya nahi hai...I haven't eaten anything in two days". Her stomach growled in reply as she looked at the little boy, who looked barely 6, sitting curled into himself. She glanced at the plate in her hands and then at the the little boy.
Her shoulders straightened and her eyes took on a light of their own. Without looking down she placed the plate in front of the little boy and walked away without a backward glance.

Shine your light so others can see through their darkness. - Carol CC Miller
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